​Learn all the essentials of ITIL 4 in your lunch hour

​Your free online ITIL 4 training includes 5 online video tutorials and your exclusive download report.  This course can help you decide if ITIL certification is for you, learn key terms, and prepare you to take a role in an ITIL-aligned organization.

Lesson 1 – introduction to ITIL

​In lesson 1 you will learn:

  • The history of ITIL

Lesson 2 – service management key concepts

​Lesson 2 will:

  • Introduce the concept of value and co-creation
  • Define an organization
  • Define some service management roles
  • Define products and services

Lesson 3 – guiding principles and ITIL concepts

​Lesson 3 includes:

  • The ITIL guiding principles
  • The four dimensions of service management
  • The Service Value System (SVS)

​Lesson 4 – ITIL practices

​Lesson 4 will:

  • Introduce the concept of a practice
  • Introduce the ITIL practices
  • Consider one ITIL practice in more detail

​Lesson 5 – next steps

​Lesson 5 will:

  • Help you put ITIL to work
  • Explain the ITIL 4 certification scheme
  • Introduce complementary areas of research and study